Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tripoli, Libya

A depressing rainy day, when you are fed up with it all, calls for nothing else, but posting some postcards...esp. since one of them adds a new item in my received countries list :))))))))))))

And I actually didnt receive just one, but 6 cards from Libya, written and stamped! So it was extremely hard to pick just one, but I guess starting from the capital seemed like the most *reasonable* choice to start exploring this country.
Coz in fact, this country is on the list of countries of which i know very little or nothing about....and my very first knowledge about Tripoli itself comes from when I was little....not because I knew where Tripoli was (it sounded more like the name of a river or a desert, esp. since the context made me believe so)
But anyways, the reason I knew about Tripoli was because my dad had this song on an ENDLESS REPEAT...he even had a tape done for him where on both sides there was nothing else but this song that he can listen to it continuously, without having to push the REW button....was wondering if i should organize a contest and leave you to guess which song im talking about...i could give you hints, but i really dont know how successful it will be, since the fact i have this word from this song stuck in my mind, doesnt mean it should occur to everybody else....the song is well-known, very popular somewhere in the early 90's i think, the singer is well-known as well....and the title of the song has nothing to do with Tripoli itself but with actually another geographical place on Earth which is not even in Africa...and the lyrics of the song itself contain a bunch of other places on Earth, but for some reason it was Tripoli who caught my attention.
Ok ok, Ill tell it is....and Tripoli is right there, mentioned somewhere at 0:25 :)

The two stamps on this card come from a set of 16 issued in 1996, representing Maghreb Handicrafts

thanks a lot to Omran for this treat!


Anonymous said...

i love!!

Sreisaat said...

Wow, a postcard from a new country! The postcards I received from new countries are all waiting to be posted. If you pursued your contest I am sure I wouldn't win it because I am so poor with memorising lyrics *lol*

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