Saturday, May 15, 2010

Novi Sad, Serbia

A very nice card that comes from Judit.

It shows the Manual Forgotten Arts Museum in Novi Sad, which is an amazing collection of antiquated arts. The museum consists of two parts; a workshop for manufacturing products made from leather, using the traditional methods, and the New Musueum. The items collected here date from the times between the two world wars. There are more than 20 topics you can encounter here, and they will keep being complemented as long as the museum itself exists. Some of the topics include: packaging (tin boxes, wooden boxes, cardboard boxes ...), restaurants (wooden crates, glass packaging, beer taproom ...), Office (Desk, chairs, working lamps, office accessories), promotional material (posters, tin sheets, enamelled panels, ashtrays, Stender ...), film (film projectors, posters, movies ...), art (paintings, sculpture ...), trades (carpenters, barbers, tailors), travel (suitcases, bags, postcards, posters ...), instruments and electrical equipment (measuring instruments, scales, radios ...), medicine (dentist, doctor, a gynecologist ...)

Definitely seems like an interesting place, which i MUST visit on my next trip to NS...whenever that will be...

and a LOVELY stamp with a TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, a locomotive actually, but its theme is Trains & Railways :)
It was issued in 2009 in a set of two stamps, regarding the 125th Anniversary of the Railroad in Serbia.

Hvala ti Judit!

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