Friday, May 7, 2010

Moorea, French Polynesia

19 days with no posts...could be a record (if we exclude times when i was actually OUT of town and i couldnt post) here im counting the days when i was actually at home, and still post-less....ill spare you the excuses...they are already very well heard :)
And here comes something very extra! :)
A card from French Polynesia...and WHAT a card!

This map is just sooooo lovely and colourful....coincides with the theme I guess, presenting holidays, joy, fun, long endless nights, cocktails on the beach, tropical fruits.....I know for sure that *I* would totally enjoy that :)

The map shows Moorea, which is like a sister island to Tahiti, since they are very close to one another (about 20 min. by boat). And due to its stunning scenery and white sandy beaches, it is of course, extremely popular among tourists, and can often be seen as a honeymoon destination advertised in magazines. Doesnt take long to guess why.....

And whats most special about this card is that it is written and stamped from FP direct!!! Oh Joy! :D
the stamp here was issued in 2009 in a set of 3 stamps, called "Hevia in the Old Days"


Gone with postcrads said...

Again map card!!! I have now only 3 cards on maps~~ and just keep going~~

Postcards Crossing said...

Yes, another mapcard! Now I am beginning to really get jealous. I would insist that you introduce me to the sender of this fun postcard *lol*
How are you, by the way? Happy Mother's Day to your mum :D