Friday, May 7, 2010

Minsk, Belarus

A very nice official card showing a cemetery in Minsk


Well, problem is im not 100% sure, but the English transcription to this should be something like Kalvariskya..or Kalvaryja as i have found it on google....but i cant guarantee we are talking about the same cemetery here...and google cant brag to be full on information on this one, or it might be me who is overlooking things.
The entire back of the card has a text in Belorussian regarding this cemetery...which i could have understood it...well if someone is willing to translate it for me, id be glad to scan the back of the card...even though some bits of the text are covered by stamps....the majority is still readable

both stamps are from 2008....the flower one is from a set of 8 stamps called Garden Flowers, this one showing a Tulip....while the other one is a Christmas stamp


Darya Lunina, RAF press-secretary said...

That is the Calvary cemetery in Minsk, particularly the Catholic church of the Holy Cross there. See, for example:,_Minsk

Annie said...

Actually it's weird since that set of postcards has flyers in English and Russian, so when I sent this one, I simply attached an English page.