Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lido di Jesolo, Italy

And the closure for today is with this fantastic lighthouse card which came as a surprise from Rajko....

Hmm, ok...I didnt actually plan it on purpose to make this update *dedicated* to some of my friends from the ex-yu forum....i noticed it after i had chosen the cards...but I do think things happen for a reason :)
Recently Rajko went on a graduation trip to Italy/Spain/France and of course enjoyed himself more than ever before....and also it reminded me of the times when I went on that tour...if I could, I would immediately pack my bags and get lost again on such a trip....regardless how tiring it was, I enjoyed every millisecond of it.
Here you can see the lighthouse in Lido di Jesolo...or Jesolo it sounds more common to you.
Im just not quite sure what the exact  name of this lighthouse is, but it certainly is LOVELY!

The stamp was issued in 2008, representing Italian Sport, dedicated to the Italian Rowing Federation (1888-2008).

Hvala ti Rajko, once again :)

And im off to get ready for the Nadal-Almagro match.....

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