Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I received this card exactly one year took me some time later to actually figure out what a portent it was...and this was my first received card with a cat which looked like this...all my other cat-cards were in general cats which looked like Kimi...but anyways, here is how the story goes....

I was getting ready for work, and mail arrived and among it was this card....cute.
I go to work (by bike) and not far from home I hear some meowing which catches my attention in an odd way that it makes me stop, wanting to see what's going on. And i see this woman standing near the bushes, and IN the bushes this small orange kitten, with its hysteric meowing and aggressive hissing. My guess is that it was this woman indeed who had left him there, so that someone can pick him up, but of course, she wouldnt have admit it.
I am a cat and dog lover, but what happened here was something i cant really explain...there was some force which kept dragging me towards this kitten...and then there was this woman which kept telling me to take it....which i couldnt...first of all I was already late for work, so there was no way I take the kitten, go home and go to work..not to mention the bare fact itself for taking another cat home...i didnt want to leave the kitten there but after some reasonable thinking I decided that i just CANT take him....and got back on my bike....and after a few metres, turned my handlebars the other way and came back...for whatever reason it was, i just COULDNT leave the kitten there...I couldnt wait to get back from work in order to take him coz the chances for him to still be there were almost impossible...I had to take him THEN and THERE...I knew it was a crazy decision, but the thought of leaving him there was heart-breaking....and the next I know is this woman picking him up, putting him in a plastic bag, and giving it to turning way to go home, since im LATE for I just head straight to work, with a kitten in a plastic bag, who couldnt stop hissing....i dont think i have seen a more aggressive cat just pointing a finger towards him, he would immediately was even scary honestly, but I couldnt just leave him NOW on the street...and I didnt even want to think what would happen with me bringing a kitten like this at work.
Of course, when the children saw him, it was pure joy and all my attempts to have a normal class failed....everyone wanted to see what the kitten was doing (we had to put him in the bin....that was the only place from where he couldnt get out...otherwise, as aggressive as he was, I risked someone from the children getting hurt or scratched all over).
Well, the class eventually came to an end, if you could call that a class...and now it was time to go home and of course face with another problem or risk being kicked out of home along with both cats.
Kimi was FAR from happy when he saw the new buddy, and it took months actually before he gave in eventually.
You can just imagine my parents' reaction...and my excuse was that I just couldnt leave him like that, and that I need to give him something to eat and eventually I will let him go....well giving him to eat was also impossible, coz we just couldnt come near I had to use these thick gloves my mum has and which she uses for gardening....that was like the only thing which could protect us from him...
I dont know if it was because he started feeling safe, and had something to eat...but his aggression lasted for a few hours evening time, he was so timid, I couldnt believe it was the same kitten I found in the morning.
Of course, the issue of letting him go remained, and my dad was the most persistent one about it, and i can freely say he couldnt stand him and had this reprimanding approach all the time, about how it is not fair towards Kimi and blah blah blah...yeah, Kimi is well-known for his anti-social behaviour so I wasnt surprised and I felt bad with the fact that he would go away and wont come home all day long...but on the other hand i REALLY didnt have the heart to have the other one let go...not after how timid and sweet he got...I know that deep inside myself i was convinced he would remain, back in those several days, it was a really troublesome issue..
I kept finding excuses all the I cant leave him in the the middle of the night since he is too little...and I cant leave him during the day since other people will see me and of course, either bring it back to me or turn me in to some  of the Animal-Protection societies...and eventually my excuse was that I cant let him go now that he has been with us for a week or two...and he remained...and i am more than glad and happy he did...I am more than happy and glad that I decided to take him in the first place, that i decided to listen to that inner voice and go against my common sense...
Foxy (my mum gave him the name, since he is orange and crafty like a fox) is one of the most adorable creatures ive seen...and smartest as well. He is the kind of a cat which NEEDS human company, wants to cuddle...he is soo playful...sometimes too much...he always wants to tease the other cats....he knows how to open doors (I dont know how cats figure out the thing about doors)...and one thing I LOVE about Foxy is that when I tell him "sit down" he sits down :))

And Foxy is the exact kind of a cat as the one on the card which arrived that morning before I went to work...when I realized this some days later, i got shivers all-over....even though i refuse sometimes to see things like that, the card wanted to tell me something, to prepare me for something that was about to happen and which would in a way, change my life.

From this point if view, I would have never forgiven myself i I didnt take him with me, on this day, exactly one year ago....boy, time flies so fast :)

Later, I got this card too....since it reminded Ana of Kimi and Foxy together :)

Their relation today is muuuuuuuchh better than it was at the beginning...well Foxy always loved Kimi, but Kimi didnt love Foxy...I still think that Kimi is not so fond of Foxy (well Kimi is not fond of anyone actually), but at least he doesnt run away now, when Foxy comes to him, and cuddles into him, and falls asleep like that...when I see them like that, i just simply melt :)

this is Foxy during his first days with us:

this is him today

oh yeah, I forgot to say....he is ALWAYS hungry :)

sorry for this loooongish cheesy post....but i had to give some significance to this day, coz i absolutely adore my two cats, which are different as day and night :)

Ill be back with the regular postings from tomorrow on.


I Am Wonderfully Made said...

Oh my Gosh that is super super cute! Don't you just love when they cuddle together?? Deep down inside Kimi loves foxy lol.

Anu said...

That's such a sweet story! And Foxy's very cute, too :)

Sreisaat said...

Although I am more of a dog-person, it doesn't mean to say that I hate cats. Back in the Philippines, we have cats - and the oldest one just died recently. She, Kitty, was the first cat in the household and like your Foxy, how we got her was quite a funny story. Up to now, my parents keep Kitty's grandchildren at home :)
Ahh, pets!

Postcards Crossing

Vagirl said...

Ana, I'm so happy for you that you kept Foxy. I remember the time you found him and told us the story. Can't believe it's been a year already. He's grown up to be a real cutie, just like Kimi. Glad they're cuddling now and getting along better. Such a sweet story! Enjoy them both! They're both so adorable!

Dani said...

ете уште еден пример дека се е поврзано во некоја мистериозна универзумска мрежа од мисли, настани, зборови, луѓе која на нас и можеби ни нема смисла ама ете си делува...

ужавај со маченцата...:)


Ana said...

@Katie: and i hope that deep down inside me, Kimi loves ME as well :P

@Anu: thanks! and i couldnt agree more, Foxy IS very cute :)

@Zarah: I am more of a dog person as well and if i could i would immediately adopt a puppy...but I am more than happy with these two guys too :)

@Chrissy: Chrissy!!! It's been so long, but i am so happy to see you around....I guess lives have interfered indeed and our ways just find it hard to meet...and i still owe you a letter...and with everything that has happened in the past year, i could probably write you a novel...I just hope I will manage to do it these summer days at last! I miss you :(

@Dani: абе не знам дали ја многу барам поврзаности во се...ама проблем е што стално ги наоѓам....а особено со каритчкава што се деси, морници ме полазија тогаш кога ја сфатив врската меѓу работите...најверојатно никогаш нема да можам да си ја објаснам таа сила, најверојатно и не треба да ја знам, ама факт е дека постои

thank you everyone for the nice comments! Foxy says *meow* to you all :)))))

Penpalling and Letters said...

I loved reading Foxy's story! Sooo cute! :) Most of our pets (except the turtles) were adopted from the street, so I have some stories to share with you as well! ;)