Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maracas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Another country gets a 'tick' in the 'received written and stamped' row :))))

And as you already know by the title itself, it is Trinidad and Tobago we are talking about this time! Oh yess!!!
The name stands for the two main islands, one is Trinidad and the other one is Tobago, where, on this card in particular, you can see the Maracas Bay which is situated on the Trinidad island.
This is said to be one of the most popular beaches there, located on the north side of the island, an hour's mountainous drive from the capital city of Port of Spain.

One of the most famous aspects of Maracas Beach are the dozen Bake and Shark huts. Bake and Shark is a Trinidadian native dish that consists of deep-fried shark stuffed in a pocket of deep-fried batter, called "Bake". It's actually kneaded flour usually made for roti that is fried in certain shapes to make the bread.

Does look gorgeous....and i wish i could go...but by the looks of it, this summer the only sort of water i will probably see, is the river nearby where I live and along which i often go beaches, no sunbathing, no swimming....*sniff*

And a stamp i absolutely know nothing, help please!

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