Saturday, April 17, 2010


¡Hola! mis amigos. Finally breaking the silence after 11 days! Who would have thought....but ill get down to it later...sorry to those of you who were expecting the three-grins....i was more than anxious to post them myself...but finally here they are :D
Oh yes, this deserves GRIN GRIN GRIN!!!!!

Hi hi hi, GRENADA!!!!!!!!!! Written and stamped!!!!!!! Wohohohohooooo!!!!! La la la la la! Well, I guess I have my lucky days sometimes :D
The card i have shows the Rex Grenadian Hotel located on the Magazine Beach....and as the sender says, the Magazine beach is situated near the night club "Aquarium", where students go on Friday nights to consume alcoholic drinks. It's bliss mixed with hard everyday work.

Would so much need a beach right now...or any place where i can just relax for a while and forget about everything...these past days have been crazy...with insane deadlines as usual...with sleepless nights..I feel just so tired....and when i dont need to work i just cant seem to get enough of sleep...and i really have to accumulate loads of it this weekend coz next week i will probably encounter the same....but i guess it IS better like that than not to have anything to do....and with me it always goes to extremes either way :)))

and here comes the evidence....written and stamped from Grenada directly, or more particularly, from St. George's - Grenada's capital...the stamps is a nice one with a butterfly, issued in a set of 7 butterfly stamps in 2006

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