Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kherson, Ukraine

A nice card from Ukraine, showing a bridge over the Dnieper river in Kherson.

Kherson is a city in southern Ukraine and considered to be an important port on the Black Sea and the Dnieper river, as well as the home of a major ship-building industry.

Well, when it comes to Ukraine in particular, i have some videos to share with you, which i think are more than worth the sharing....there are all sorts of Idols and Talent contests around the world whose popularity is enormous....i dont really watch those and probably am missing some good is the Ukrainian winner of the Talent show for 2009....i was honestly left speechless....and moved..the music used does its own part of contributing to the effects and impact it has on you..esp. if you can relate to the music and DO feel it....such perfect conveying of a message....
no words are needed...just click and watch....

and of course, stamps mustnt be forgotten....the big stamp on the right is the EUROPA one issued in 2009 on the Astronomy subject...while the small one is from 2008 from a set of 4 stamps depicting Handicrafts

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