Monday, April 19, 2010

Army of None, USA

Hmm...well...since this seems to be a tragic-events update day, lets finish it in that style..

I know it may seem morbid, but if we're gonna talk of bad stuff, then lets do it all the way...wasnt sure what to post as a conclusion....there are constantly some bad things going is hard to i decided to conclude it with this post showing a cemetery...and you know i love cemeteries

In case you cant read the text on the card, it says: "There are other ways to serve your country. There are other ways to be all that you can be. Think about it. Before you sign your life away",

Gives a lot of food of thought.....can provoke many discussions...however, im against any reasons of giving your life away.....just that in this kind of twisted world we live in, that is = impossible.... is a nice card!

and some very nice stamps....lighthouses included...this time i got the Sabine Pass in Louisiana and Sand Island in Alabama (if im not mistaken, im missing just one of this set). And the other one shows an American Toleware...the year of issue still confusing to me....

however, thanks for reading and sorry for such a...uhmm...dark update :))


Dani said...

имам пуно луѓе од колумбија...гледам немаш од таму картичка..;)))

Chris Overstreet said...

The only things worth having are worth defending. I find the sentiment expressed by this card misguided at best.

Ana said...

искрено, и ја сеа сфатив дека неам од Колумбија картичка (а и видиш, со месец задноцнување ми текнува на некои ствари :)))

туку смеам да питам....што бидна со чајна?