Monday, April 19, 2010

Krakow, Poland

Well, due to the latest events, another kind of a commemorative post.

This time dedicated to the recent plane crash where the Polish President Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria, and 94 other people, lost their lives....on the ironic side, the most important were on that plane...there were no survivors. The criticism stays of why so many important people were allowed on the same well as the potential conspiracy issues....funny thing is, i usually go with the latter...i dont know...thats just me...and after reading a LOT about conspiracy issues in just every day life and brain washing of all kind, i just dont find it impossible at all...but eventually, when you lose so many lives, it doesnt matter what the reasons where....coz you have the terrible outcomes you cant mend.
This in a great deal reminded me of 2004 when we lost our President in a plane-crash in 2004....even the image of the place of the accident looked so familiar.... so unfortunately i do have the idea how the Polish nation felt with all this...and just want to express my condolences to those i havent yet.

well, there is a stamp on the card it is worth the mentioning....even though you are not unfamiliar with was issued in 2001 in a set of 2 stamps representing Farms

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