Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Western Australia, Australia

A very cool Australian map.
It shows Western Australia, also called State of Contrast. Not sure exactly why, whether its coz of climate, flora, fauna...or something else....and i will refrain from giving my own ideas and speaking nonsense :)
It is just a really nice map card with even two trains involved :)

and some really nice stamps that differ from the usual ones I have....
The one in the top right corner was issued in 2009 in a set of 8 stamps depicting Corrugated Landscapes, where on this one a Traditional Home is portrayed. The 50c under it is from 2002 from a set of 3 stamps  called Panorama, with this one showing Walker Flat.
The seals' one is also from 2009, from a set of 5 stamps from an Australian joint territories issue depicting Species at risk. This is the Subantarctic Fur Seal.

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Heather said...

Let me clarify!

W.A. is a state of contrast because it contains a huge range of climates. The top of WA is sub-tropical, below that is a desert (great sandy desert), below that is hot but liveable. This also affects what animals and foods grow and what types of landscapes you'll find. Oh I have a nice postcard that shows this off...I should post it to you!

Glad you put the stamps up, I'll know what not to send on the next card lol.