Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aruba, West Indies

Oh Yeah! A card from Aruba indeed!
And even though it shows all the West Indies islands here, it was mailed from Aruba direct, and therefore is considered to be an Aruba card...funny though, this card is probably sold on all the other islands, and is printed in the it can be mailed from anywhere as long as its shown on the map...but what matters is that it is a great lovely map card with Aruba stamps on it...wohoo! Oh yeah, a new country in case you were wondering :D :D :D
Aruba is one of those places in the world I often heard about in the movies...the honeymoon destination in most cases.....hope to visit it one day...honeymoon or no :)

two Aruba stamps from 2007, and thats all i know....=/


elton1956 said...

Hello! I´d like to get one Aruba map.

Katts said...

I got a bit diffrent Aruba map card from Dees:)
Your card is very pretty:)