Thursday, April 1, 2010


Canada is one of those countries where i have so many great cards from, that it has become impossible to pick one for an ive started picking by random, either eyes closed or some eeny-meeny kind of choice.

This is a very interesting card actually....the colours are just fantastic and the entire card is so full of life and positive energy. Me likes it very much
On the back it says: Canada owes much to the First Nations people, the true founders of our country.
I guess this is somewhere in the middle of a dance or a ritual.
Cards with people are not maybe on my very favourites list but this one definitely ranks high.

and a few nice stamps....the Five pin bowling one is from 2009 from a set of 4 stamps depicting sports- Canadian inventions.; the one above is also from 2009 commemorates the 100th anniversary of Montreal Canadiens (Ice Hockey related).Next to it is the Lest we forget stamp from 2009. And the two small ones are from the 5 stamps set from 2007 depicting insects (a golden-eyed Lacewing and a Northern Bumblebee).

Thanks a lot for reading and for bearing with me during my silent days :)

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