Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pakri, Estonia

A card from my favourites, sent by Janek :)

And you may not notice it at first, but there is a lighthouse on the card :)
The Pakri Peninsula ends in the sea with a limestone cliff up to 25 metres high. Pakri lighthouse is the highest (52m) lighthouse in Estonia.

Just a lovely view, and would be great to have a car-ride along the coast.

Aaannndddd, on a lighthouse postcard, there are EVEN 3 lovely lighthouse stamps!!! And one stamp is indeed the Pakri lighthouse!
Starting with the flower stamp though, it's a self-adhesive stamp from 2007, regarding the Flora subject, and showing an Oxeye Daisy.
The Ristina and the Kopu lighthouse' stamps come as one set issued in 2000, while the Pakri lighthouse stamp was issued in 1995.

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elton1956 said...

I like lighthouses.