Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia

Here is the country which is like a magnet for my cards, since for some reason they feel sooo appealed to it, that they first need to take a stop in Indonesia and then come to me....

Im going thru an Windows fiasco at the moment...or actually for 3 days now...first my Windows crashed...due to a virus probably...had it re-installed, and than God my files were saved....i always tell myself that as i get new files (music, movies, programs, documents...) i will also make a back up copy, just in case....and i never do it until its way too late..and i was freaked out that all my files will be lost but they lived....well, i had to deal with a basic XP installation since i planned to just save all my data and then do a complete format....and that was a good plan, but you know how it goes..it never goes as you had planned something...so at first it seemed to have only some minor problems...i transferred some of the data...and then...and then...and its then when i couldnt access my files anymore...not just my files but the entire partition....it kept asking me if i want to Format it since it hasnt been formatted...i was devastated...mainly for not being quicker in transferring my files coz they WERE there and all i had to do was just copy them to a cd or usb....but no, i had to procrastinate as usual and of course, had to pay the price....this time seemed like there is no solution....corrupt HD...eventually, i learned that the whole drive had gone into RAW format, and this is the first time i had heard about such a problem and what the hell could i do about it.... but i couldnt give up....had to save my docs (the way im talking about this, someone would think that im hiding documents of CIA importance).... well, found some programs which seemed to work really fine...coz they actually could scan the drive and show me my files...which meant that they ARE there indeed, except that i couldnt get to them...coz i had to pay for that...do you know ow painful it feels, to have the chance to see your OWN files and yet they are not giving them to you....arrghhhhh....and then i found one which also requires money, but at least it does give you the chance to recover your stuff...little by little....which is much better than nothing....so im slowly recovering my stuff...and it feels such a relief to have the chance to see them...its just that i havent really slept for two nights...but i had to get the job done...and had to figure out the problem...and had to find the solution...and this is one of those times when i really love myself for being stubborn and persistent, even though i could barely hold my eyes open...but while waiting for my files, see, i can even make an update....even though it said NOTHING about the card actually....yeah, i know you dont mind it :P

two really nice stamps, both dating back from 2001

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