Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My last card for today is another official one, coming from Taiwan, but my decision to show it was because it actually shows a train and i just wanted to ramble in a few words about my last train ride...


Some of you may know that the weekend that just passed but the one before that, i was on a one day trip to Belgrade (as all my Belgrade trips end up to be), and as usual, i took the train to go back home. I think that if i had to spend all my nights sleeping on a train (in the bed wagoon of course)  I wouldnt mind one thing. I just love the solitude of the cabin, and then just hearing and feeling the sound of the train wheels...its nice to be sleeping while you are actually moving like that...feels like someone is singing you a lullaby :P
But really...its some specific, one of a kind feeling...esp coz outside it was extremely cold and on the inside it was nice and warm...and then you wake up, and open your eyes around dawn and you see mountains and trees moving in front of you...the only thing i dont like are the moments when borders approach...and when going from Belgrade to Skopje the border time is around 6am...so not the most convenient one, but i think i can neglect that fact and enjoy all the rest.
And if you are asking me about the train on the card...I honestly have NO idea where in Taiwan is this, its not even stated on the card...so its just some train...out there...in Taiwan

need to find some adequate Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese etc stamp sites written in English...otherwise i feel really ignorant...wanna guess why?

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