Friday, November 27, 2009


hmm...hmmm hmmm hm....and i could literally go humming all day long....though i think it would be smarter and more effective if i get down to write something...not in the right-est mood for it, but then again...ive already been absent way too often...and i dont have the heart to keep some great cards in the veil of darkness...and i just need to ramble, whatever it could be....i was considering of going back to my old so-called personal blog, but i dont think id do it out of several reasons...first, i dont have the time to deal with two blogs...second, i dont really feel comfortable with having it...for some reason, the overall mental structure of my being feels better when just throwing in bits and pieces of personal stuff every now and then, instead of just getting my real state of mind totally undressed in public.....and yeah, here comes the card

I mean, its a Suriname card....posted from Suriname i really had to post it....i dont get these on daily basis (well, lately i dont get any kind of mail on daily basis...moreover, i have received mail only once this week, and its only Saturday left with the chances to *rescue me*)..
And apart from being a Suriname card, its also a map card!! So i should be really content :D

and i must admit that before postcrossing, this was one of those countries I wasnt really aware where on this planet they exactly were....speaking of which, i want to buy myself some huge wall world-map....i think im gonna be gazing at it and exploring it 24/7...

few lines from the back of the card:

Geographical size: 165,000 km²
Estimated Population: 490,000
Capital: Paramaribo
Suriname is divided into 10 districts
Official Language: Dutch
Independence Day: 25 November, 1975

there is another interesting fact i want to share with you regarding this card....there are 4 small pictures on it, where on one you can see the Suriname flag...thats a flag formation by school kids 4 years ago on Independence Square, celebrating 30 years of independency...well, the sender of this card had also taken part in forming this flag back in 1975, and she had been wearing red.
thats rather cool :)

there are 4 stamps on the card, all birds related.
the three small ones are from 2008, coming from a set of 8 stamps. The first one shows the Opal-rumped Tanager, the one next to it- the Ringed Kingfisher, while the one on the bottom, below the big stamp, shows the White-necked Jacobin.
As for the bigger stamp...its from a set of 3, issued in 1994...or re-issued, im not quite sure...


Rango said...

I ja imam ovu razglednicu! Cool!

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