Sunday, November 15, 2009

Michigan, USA

Not so long ago Rafal re-opened my favourite Slavic RR....and after wondering a while, i decided to take part in the Big Group which ended up with 26 participants, meaning I had to send out 25 first i was like, oh, ill do that in a jiffy...but then you know, work, life, blah blah, and so far i had sent out half of those cards, and received more or less the i hopefully will send out the rest once i come back...yet, not once i had regreted for taking part in this :)

and this lovely card comes from my dear dear Katie, who said that she had been saving this card for someone special...i think i neednt say just so grateful to have met such lovely people out there who on top of that, DO have an understanding for my laziness, busyness, procrastination, and dont mind if it takes me months to reply to their letters...i dont say im happy with the fact it takes me so long, but its nice when certain people you care to be in touch with, wont just turn their back and say, oh if you cant write to me immediately/often...then i think its pointless to be pen-pals. I love those people!
There is a small text on the back, but im not sure i can convey it accurately since certain bits of it are covered with a lovely long stamp.
So, ill just try to write what i can understand...if something is wrong or makes no sense...well, dont shoot the messenger :)
Michigan has 3,100 miles of shores bordering on four of five Great has over 100 lighthouses, more than any other state..

this is the first time i have actually paid attention to what is Michigan surrounded with actually...and looks more like some island in the middle of the ocean than a US state...
you've seen the American Clock stamp more than once so far...but that other longish stamp (well, its actually two separate stamps that fit into one another like a jigsaw)..but even though i have gone through the USPS site bunch of times, i couldnt find info on that one...i dont know if im blind (i know im shortsighted)..but i just COULDNT see this!

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Katie H. said...

You're sweet Ana. :) Those stamps are from a set of 4 different stamps showing a scene from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. To see all of them and read more about it, you can go here:

I'm glad you liked the card, and hope you have a safe and pleasant journey in Germany. :)