Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, being that i wanted to make just a commemoration post about my trip to Germany, i should have gone and pack right now...but then again, ive been a really lousy poster lately, and i had received such a bunch of great cards, that i just had to include a few more for today..

and this one comes directly from the sunny Bermuda....sent to me by one of my colleagues from University who is working there right now! Yeah, i asked her if postcards can be found in Bermuda, but of course, that was a *read between the lines* request of *please, oh please send me a written and stamped Bermuda postcard*....of course, she knew what i wanted and she was the kindest one and sent me a postccard...and such a lovely one, that it even has a lighthouse on it!!!
I often think of going and working abroad...or at least have a work like the one right now which doesnt let me be home so much...or in other words, which keeps me distracted from the everyday things that bother me and there are just so many of them...i often dont even know what i want anymore (typical women's answer)....on the other hand i dont know if id like to go to work so far away....i think i have probably mentioned it already, but id like to be somewhere within a bus/train return distance...coz its cheaper...and even if i had to get a plane from somewhere within Europe, its much cheaper than an overseas ticket....but now with the visa abolishment, maybe these things would be easier to handle...who knows....

the stamp is from a series of 4 issued in 2008 called Bermudan Greetings.

Thank you Vaska soooo sooo much for this card! :)

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