Saturday, October 3, 2009


A great addition to my flags collection....i only wish it didnt have the postmarks on the really ruins such a perfect card =|

The first of the former SSRs to break decisively with Moscow, Lithuania adopted its old tricolour as its official state flag in March 1989. Like the other Baltic states, and indeed, the other captive nations of the former USSR, the flag had been used during Lithuania's previous period of independence from Russia - from 1918 to 1940. In the flag, yellow stands for grain, green for forests, and red for the blood shed in defense of the nation.
According to the Grossen Flaggenbuch, the first horizontal triband adopted as Lithuanian national flag after WWI had the proportions 3:2. The current national flag, with proportions 2:1, is therefore not strictly a readoption of the pre-WWII flag.

there are also 3 really nice stamps on the card.
The one on the very right comes from a set of 3 issued in February this year showing the Coats of Arms of Lithuania, on this particular stamp Krekenava.
The stamp in the middle comes from the WWF series issued in 2008, with 8 stamps in the set, and here you can see the European Roller.
The last stamp on the very left is also from 2008 portraying the Wooden Sacral Architecture of Lithuania. There are 6 stamps in the set and this one shows the Church of Inturke from 1855.

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