Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zadar, Croatia

This has got to be one of the loveliest Croatian cards i have received!

I think that partly its coz of the way the sun reflects against the houses and the buildings...i LOVE the effect that outcomes from all that...then, there is the blue surrounding colour of the sea, and on top of that, a black frame around the card! just lovely lovely lovely! And a HUGE thanks to Goran for sending me such a card!
Personally i dont recall ever having been to Zadar (you know that the memories of my childhood visits to Croatia are sort of blurred). But from what i can see here, its a really nice city.
The entire district of present day Zadar has been populated since prehistoric times. The earliest evidence of human life comes from the Late Stone Age while numerous settlements have been dated as early as the Neolithic.  Before the Illyrians the area was inhabited by ancient Mediterranean people of pre-Indo European Culture. They assimilated with the Indo-Europeans who settled between the 4th and 2nd millennium BC into a new ethnical unity, that of the Liburnians. Zadar was Liburnian settlement, outlined materially in the 9th century BC, built on a small stone islet and embankments where the old city stands and tied to the mainland by the overflown narrow isthmus, which created a natural port in its northern strait.

the stamp was issued in 2005, under the title Croatian cities, representing the city of Rijeka.

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