Saturday, October 3, 2009

Auschwitz, Poland

My last card for today comes from one of the most notorious places of the world, if i can refer to it like that.

this is what the back of the card says:

The Gate to Auschwitz II - Birkenau camp was part of the main SS guardhouse. Prisoners reffered to it as the "Gate of Death".
Not so long ago i read a book which sort of dealt with Auschwitz though it was more like a childish book, with some images embedded which really annoyed me and i thought were totally unnecessary but oh well..
And i know what im gonna just say now would seem totally insane or so, and i know its incomparable to the destiny of the people whose final life destination was here, but sometimes i feel that my own life destiny is condemned to revolve around some vicious circles from which i cant get out for my current state of mind, im in a total emotional turmoil...coz of course, the jigsaws had to place themselves in a way thats the least favourable to getting really tired and worn out of it...its frustrating and its sad that i always have to end up in such a situation...worst of all is that i can never actually take control of things, but they just happen, without a warning, without asking, without anything...and by the time i become aware of it, im already  inside the maze and let the currents take me as they had decided to do so...and i cant fight against it...or maybe i dont try enough...who knows...maybe its true after all that i have masochistic genes inside me...

both of the stamps here were issued in 2005. They both show Polish cities as well, but they come from different subject issues. The one on the left regards Architecture and shows the city of Sieradz, while the other one is related to history and shows the city of Sopot.

And before i disconnect....thanks for reading, and your patience and your devotion...its highly appreciated!

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