Tuesday, September 1, 2009


And another map card for today, coming from Taiwan.


The thing about this card is that i have two of them, and both of them arrived in like one week time...one came as an official and the other one as a surprise.
Its awkward to receive doubles, and i cant blame people for that since often they cant know which cards i already have, esp. if i havent uploaded them here...its tricky to explain it...sometimes it may feel disappointing to receive a card you already have...but then on the other hand, its the thought that counts and the fact that someone has tried to choose something according to my wishlist, knowing its something im gonna like...and the words on the back also matter a lot too, right?
And here, well...its a lovely map card, so how can i not like it? and how can i not like the fact that someone who doesnt know me, chose this card for me and also someone else sent it to me as a total surprise...so double cards are a delicate issue to discuss anyway :)

well, since there were different stamps on both of the cards, i decided to show both of them...
The flower stamp is from a 2007 issue  Orchids of Taiwan Postage stamps coming in a set of 4 but for the other, i didnt have much luck to gather some information....my guess is that it represents some sort of a festival or tradition but i cant give any accurate information unfortunately...so if anyone can help, feel free to do so.

thanks for reading and for stopping by...i missed this place....


Gem from Calgary said...

hi Ana,
Missed you. I would check your blog everyday and hope for an update. Glad to see you back. I know nothing of your problems, but only hope you settle them out a good way for you.
Take care ,

Ana said...

thanks for the support Glenn! i hope you know its mutual :)