Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Delaware, USA

Well, after some silence, here i am....some of you know the reasons about it, others may find out soon....but the silence had to happen...for the good or for the bad, i dont really know anymore...its has been a weird summer....the weirdest of all probably....which brought some huge changes....and the future might bring them as well...or in other words, they are necessary to happen...for my own sake and sanity...it may affect this blog big time as well....to which extent, i dont know...i cant talk anything ahead...all i know is that life is a really awkward thing....and gives you what you least expect when you least expect...and that some drastic changes need to be made in mine...how it will all go, i still dont know...its not up to me only...but i do want to ask you to keep your fingers crossed and pray for me....coz im literally on the verge to lose my mind :)
with that said, i can move on to the cards.....and i want to say that during my silence i received a total of 46 cards, which was a shocker...and at least one of the rare good things lately...as for today, i will stick to cards i had received before that....

And will start off with a nice map card, that ticks off another one of the US states, which thanks to this card i had found out that it was the second smallest US state...and as the card says, small but wonderful :)
The info:
- Capital: Dover
- Area: 2,057 sq. miles, 96 miles long, 35 miles wide
- 1st of Original 13 states - Dec. 7, 1787
- Flower: Peach Blossom
- Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
- Tree: American Holly
- Fish: Weakfish
- Insect: Ladybug

as for the stamps, i think that you are more than familiar with them :)


SOe said...

I hope that everything will work out just fine for you. My fingers are crossed :-) I wish you all the best and that you have the strength to do the changes. Good luck!
It was good to read that my card arrived. I am waiting to see it here on your fantastic blog.

Ana said...

Thanks Sonja!

Hope things will go well...

As for your card...it will be accommodated here any time soon :)