Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tinian Island, Northern Mariana Islands

A small warning before you start REALLY cranky and edgy...ive been having some awful throat pain these past few days and i just dont know what to do about it anymore...its not one of those times when you just keep coughing...i barely do...but i cant swallow without feeling how pain is killing me...and whatever i had tried has some short-term im just really irritable and i think i would blow if someone just said hello....boy, that even rhymed :)

Well, at times like this my ironic and cynical sense of humour usually prevails, but i hope it wont be too obvious in the posts...yet i do feel like making a post, esp. since im reaaaaaaaalllly left behind with all  my cards and i just want to show them all at once but of course thats impossible, on the other hand not showing any is even worse, though procrastination aint something unfamiliar to me....
When i received this card it caused a huge arrived while i wasnt there (ok, i know this aint an excuse), so when i came back after 3 weeks i had a huge pile of mail waiting, this card among....and i dont know if its coz there were too many cards, why i didnt pay enough attention or i ws just so self-centered that oh well, you know, i know everything...i couldnt recall i had arranged a swap with this person and i couldnt find it anywhere in my records that i was waiting a card from her, so my solution to the problem was that this must be an official card! But havent heard it all...after determining its an official, my notice was that i had received a card from the US, from Tinian Island and that i need the ID to register it....yeah, i thought it was US, since it had the US stamp of course, and moreover, at the address, there was the postal code which had MP in front, and without any thinking i was convinced it was Mississippi!!! Maybe if i did google about Tinian Island, many things would have been clearer, but oh well....eventually turned out that it isnt an official, but a swap...and its not from the US  but from the Northern Mariana took me a while to realize that i actually have a new country in my collection! And thank God someone actually contacted me about it, otherwise i would have really believed it all this time that its a US card....its a pity that they have no stamps of their own....that would have made things much easier as well...
But yeah, thats how i ruined myself, my own chance to rejoice the fact i have a new country in my collection...ignorance may be blessed but not dont run from classes, pay attention to your lessons, do your will be all worthwhile one day ;)))

As for the i already told you, its just a US stamp.....but it has the NMI cancellation, and thats what makes it worth it :)

thanks a lot Jude for the card, and sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding :)

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Dani said...

Хе..знаев кај да видам..
гледам кај мене еден посетител од овие чудни острови и си викам божеее дека е овоа..и гугле вика северни маријански острови..бреееј мајката..
и ми текнува на тебе, викам чек да видам дали ти си чула и ете...

Ју лив, ју лрн, нели?