Thursday, August 6, 2009

St. Louis, USA

Here is an evening view of the historic city of St. Louis in Missouri.

The Gateway Arch is located on the banks of the Mississippi river, and it is the tallest national monument in the USA. This stainless steel-plated arch spans 630 feet at ground level from outer edge to outer edge and is 630 feet tall. There is a tram which takes visitors to the top for a spectacular view from the observation room.
Im a bit confused about the 'tram' thing, but thats what the back of the card says. Either way, it MUST be an amazing view from there...

the stamps used on the card are really nice too. The hearty stamp on the left is a commemorative one issued in 2008 under the Love issue series, called All heart....its also self-adhesive. The design focuses on a large, bright red heart that is transporting its owner to an unseen beloved who will be gifted with this heart full of love.
Well said....i wonder if this bright red heart can transport me over the Atlantic....

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SOe said...

I was there last November :-) and made a similar picture. I loved the Zoo of St. Louis. And I bought a great cup at Starbucks with the Gateway Arch on it.