Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sometimes i dont post for days....sometimes i end up posting several days in a row....even though im still sort of tight with time...but i just really need to catch up with my received cards (though being realistic, i could be posting every single day until the end of the year and i still wont be done)...and being realistic for the second time, writing here feels therapeutic, so in a way i NEED to do it....its one of the things which apart from great mail in the mailbox, help me get through the day...lame, no? But at least there ARE things i can do when im feeling in one of those moods.....

And a card that made my day when i received know im crazy about flag cards, and this one here is just perfect. I think that the GTKY ladies really want to spoil me sometimes :))) And this one travelled for like two months to get to me...but it did arrive eventually! And a huuuuuge thank you and a biiiiig hug to Wendy for sending me this one...i absolutely LOVE IT!.

The Jamaican flag was first flown on August 6 1962, Jamaica's Independence wow wow....hold it...that is TODAY!!! Ok...i SWEAR when i was choosing the cards for this update i had no idea about this...and now when i rewind things, i know while ago Wendy mentioned that she wont have mail today since its Independence Day, but you know, its one of the things you read but dont really grasp the meaning of it...and i had already chosen my cards for today since yesterday (yeah, honestly i have so many great cards that i choose them right after i make an update and wait till the next day to post them...)
Sooo....Happy Independence day to Jamaica, and im happy that so unconsciously i chose this card for today..i mean, i could have posted it yesterday or tomorrow...but there you go...i have my 6th sense sometimes :)
So anyway....let me continue..The colours of the Jamaican flag are Gold, Black and Green (I actually thought it was yellow all this time).
The Black represents the many hardships endured and yet to come.
Green is for Jamaica's agricultural resources and also represents hope.
Gold represents the natural wealth of the island's nation and natural beauty bestowed on Jamaica by the golden sunlight.

the stamp is from a set of 8 definitives issued in 2006. its part III of this subject regarding Classical architecture, where here you can see Devon House St. Andrew

again an enormous thank you to Wendy for this FAB card! Love it!!

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