Thursday, August 6, 2009


The last card i chose for today comes from Singapore...again with the focus on the Singapore Flyer, but this time more how the view seems FROM it, not ON it...

Not so long ago i read this book, where at a certain point this Japanese woman told her story how once when she went to Switzerland, she went for a walk and to this amusement park where she decided to take a ride on some sort of a vehicle like this. It was before closing time, and she was like the only one with a ticket for the ride...and the guard was an old drunk man....
The rides for these usually last one whole circle...but with her, things went wrong....while being on the inside, the ride stopped, the lights of the park eventually went off, and there was utter know, like you are in a dream, yet everything is real...she tried to catch someone's attention by screaming and throwing things but nothing worked...eventually she fell asleep and they found her the following day...a policeman found her wallet on the ground and figured out what must have happened...thing is, after this event, her entire hair had gone white...just like that, without any reasonable logical explanation...due to stress or something else, i dont know...still, nothing pleasant at all.
If you like Murakami, then you can read Sputnik Sweetheart...maybe not my favourite book by him, yet i think its worth the reading...and Murakami  IS one of my favourite authors....but whys and such, for some other time

as for the stamp,  it was issued in 2008...showing the King of Fruits, the famous Durian...many say that it has a very unpleasant smell, but im really curious to try it...i have a feeling that it tastes reaaaalyy good :)

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