Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Its been such a lousy day so of those days when you just feel wrong about everything...i think you know what kind of a day im talking about...when you just feel as if you are either spreading the worst karma around you...sounds familiar?
No mail today either...though i mustnt complain...i cant get mail on daily basis...and yesterday i received some great stuff....but just adds to my non-feeling good mood :)
Here is a quite special card...not coz its from a new country only, but coz its also a map card...which makes it like being the cherry on top of a delicious chocolate cake...
I havent been to Andorra, but this man i met once, said that Andorra had to be his favourite place out of all countries he has been to, since Andorra had some beautiful old architecture he enjoyed...some small narrow streets with an ancient spirit....well, if i am to judge according to the architecture pictures on the card, it does seem so..
As for Andorra....the basics you should know about it is that its 470km2. It is a landlocked country in Southwestern Europe and its residents have the have the highest human life expectancy in the world at the average of 85 is also one of the tax haven you should take it into consideration if you want to move out some day. And make sure you learn some Catalan before you go...and send me a postcard once you get there ;)

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Chris Overstreet said...

Very cool. It's a very odd sort of Catalan that they speak there; I had a teacher of French who spoke it. Sort of like Spanish with a Portuguese accent.