Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The back of the card says: Baroque, 1620-1800. Style in the Age of Magnificence.
My guess is that its supposed to promote some exhibition related to the Baroque style.

What really is on the card, i cant tell for sure...reminds me of one of those hanging chandeliers....which now that i mentioned it, reminds me of one of the episodes of "Only Fools and Horses". Well, if you live outside Europe, i dont know if you had watched it...but here it has been really popular, esp when i was a kid...now they are doing re-runs, and its still fun to watch. But there was this particular episode when Rodney, Del Boy and Grandad were trying to fix one of those chandeliers....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....boy, had i laughed the first time i watched it...let me see if i can find it on you tube....yyyaaaay, there it is!!!

poor Grandad :))

Anyway...the main point of this postcard was actually the stamp along with the postmark, since this card is posted in anUNDERGROUND post box....as you can read from the cancellation :)
Here are some details about it...and i thought it would be really cool to have one specially postmarked, so i signed up for it...and im glad i did...brought me a story for the postcard and a lovely cancellation :)
As for the stamp...it dates from June 2009...a really new issue...belongs to a set of 6 stamps which represent Mythical creatures, and here in particular, the Pixies...now i know how the band Pixies got their name actually :)

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