Thursday, July 23, 2009

St. Brelade, Jersey

Well, this is how the update was supposed to look yesterday....brought to you with a 24 hour delay :)

With the first card coming from Jersey...and no, not the US New Jersey....but Jersey in Europe...of which existence i had no idea until i started this postcard-exchange thing. And id be happy to know i wasnt the only ignorant one out there :)
Jersey, or the Bailiwick of Jersey, is a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France. But its not a part of UK nor EU, but rather a separate possession of the Crown.
If one year ago, i had a million dollar question about where on Earth is Jersey, make sure i would have gone home totally penniless. In order to make it more clear to you about where Jersey is, here comes the map:

Jersey itself is divided into 12 parishes, and all of them have access to the sea. They are all named after the saints to whom their ancient parish churches are dedicated. And on this card in particular, you can see an image from somewhere in St. Brelade, which occupies the southwestern part of the island and is the second largest parish of the island.
The name St. Brelade is derived from a 6th century Celtic or Welsh "wandering saint" called Saint Branwalader or Saint Brelade, who is said to have been the son of the Cornish king, Kenen. He is also said to have been a disciple of Samson of Dol, and worked with this churchman in Cornwall and the Channel Islands.      

Well...proud to have this card...and yes, it is indeed a new country in my collection...with some great lighthouse stamps you can see below :)

these two awesome stamps were issued in 2003, coming from a total set of 6 commemorative stamps, called "Jersey lighthouses" (second series).


Chris Overstreet said...

Is this a Postcrossing card? How many Postcrossers could there be on Jersey? 1? 2?

SOe said...

That is GREAT! Congrats!
Thanks for stopping by my blogpage :-). Sorry that it is in German :-) In the beginning, I tried to write the posts in German and English but it is just too much work :-) On my flickr-page (, you can find some English comments to my photos of Iceland.

Ana said...

Ok, before you all start hating me, i need to make it clear that unlike Kenya, this is NOT an official postcrossing card, but comes from a swap..yeah, i think that receiving officials from both Kenya and Jersey in such a short time is a bit of a sci-fi :)
and there is just one active postcrosser from Jersey there, but a really kind one :)

Sonja...i actually could practice my German with your blog, but i do need to get that rustiness a bit down first...In the meantime, ill be reading about the Yules and look at the pictures, which just show how amazing Iceland is :)
oh, and i actually sent you my card last it should be with you any time soon

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I actually have a lot of Jersey information - and a vintage postcard - on my blog because there were many Jersey immigrants who settled in the Gaspesie (northern Quebec, Canada) after coming over with the great fishing (codfish)fleet.
One of my ancestors - Philippe Luce - was from Jersey.
Evelyn in Montreal

Miss_Yves said...

Beautiful postcard §
I know Jersey very well, because I live in Normandy .

PostMuse said...

I've got a regular correspondent from Jersey and she does use some of the most incredible postage. I knew Jersey existed, but one thing I didn't know... Jersey cows are not from New Jersey in the US ;-) I wrote about a bit about that on this post in my blog.

I like your blog. Wonderfully chatty!