Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kentucky, USA

Here is a great map card, and my first one representing Kentucky actually. Unfortunately, it lacks the *facts and figures* info on the back, so ill have to try summarize some stuff together from the front of the card.

lets see...
- State Bird: The Kentucky Cardinal (didnt know there was such a cardinal...)
- State Flower: The Golden Rod

and Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass state...but when you mention Kentucky to me, the first thing that comes to my head is KFC, or better known as Kentucky Fried Chicken...Im not some fast food fan....i almost never eat at fast food restaurants, but there...i dont know if its the media or something of the sorts, but this has got incorporated in my head well enough to actually be my first association when it comes to Kentucky...and i dont really feel proud of it now when i take a look at the map and see a bunch of other, probably very significant things to know about....
What particularly gets my attention, are the Ruins of Karnak in the Mammoth Cave, the Indian Burial Wickliffe, the Abraham Lincoln National Historical Park, the Audubon Original Prints at Audubon Memorial State Park.....there is so much to learn about Kentucky, and all i can think of when it comes to it, is KFC...big shame on me for this one...i promise to fix this by the next Kentucky postcard.

this card came along with a number of others in an envelope...and the envelope was simply can see from the stamps...they are just too cute, and bring the child in me back to life :) I think that the Dumbo one is my favourite...probably coz out of all these characters, he is my favourite one as well...ever since i was little :) If i could, i would keep him as a pet at home.....without his friend mouse if possible :)

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