Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maribor, Slovenia

A really nice aerial view i received from Staša, as a result of some mini meeting they had, about which i had no idea until i found this card in my mailbox...a really really nice surprise :)

I kept thinking what was that which Maribor reminds me about...i knew it had to do with sports and skiing was going through my mind (Slovenia as a country, reminds me of skiing when you mention sports) and i was right...Maribor is the host of the women's slalom and giant slalom races for the Alpine Skiing World Cup, known as the Golden Fox (or Zlata Lisica).
Something else you might wanna know? It is the second largest city in Slovenia, and to me, always sounded more appealing than Ljubljana..and due to the skiing, ive always came across Maribor more often than Ljubljana, so i just feel more familiar with it.
Ok, i knew there had to be some famous person coming from Maribor and i was convinced it would be Bojan Križaj, but turns out that Danilo Türk (Slovenia's President) is actually a native Maribor guy...

I think that as a country, Slovenia issues really lovely stamps, esp. those Flora/Fauna related. These two are just a proof of it. They belong to a set of 17 definitives from the Flowers of Slovenia series. The stamp on the left shows the Adriatic Lizard Orchid, while the other one shows a Yellow Lady's Slipper. One thing i need to find out is what the letters on the Slovenian stamps mean (here you have 'B'..but you can also see A, C, D....) Just curious...

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