Saturday, June 6, 2009


My first map card from Turkey!! Yay! Thanks to Janek who decided to spend his holidays there..i dont know if this is a coincidence or no, but my posts lately just seem to revolve around the word "holidays"...and just today ive been thinking about it (again) and didnt come up with something worth telling (again)

Speaking of Turkey, ive never actually been there, not even on a holiday even though among Macedonians its a popular destination to go to...mainly coz its not so far away, and its not too expensive either and you can just get there by bus...after a 24 hour travelling adventure. I have nothing against Turkey but ive never been drawn to it as a place to spend my summer holidays...probably coz of the fact that its just hot there, well, hotter than what i would like to have on my summer holiday  (i know this sounds ridiculous, but i dont like heat even when im by the sea)..and im also put off with that 24 hour travelling journey (since going by plane is way more expensive). I would really love to see Turkey one day since its a country with such rich history and places worth to be seen...but i guess that will have to happen at any other time but the summer holidays :)

This nice colourful stamp is from a set of 14, issued in 2005, called Our Cities - II. The stamp here represents the city of Burdur.


Marie Reed said...

I once traveled by bus from Alabama to California! It took 3 days to get there... It was a looooonnnggg trip but fun because I met tons of friends on the bus:) Hooray for map cards!

Tijen said...

May be you should come to visit me Ana! Last year I was planning a trip to Macedonia but then I cut my trip short (I was in Greece) and came back home).