Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mautern, Austria

Mautern is a small town, around 80km from Vienna, and from what I can grasp, a nice peaceful place to live in.

Well, ive figured that it says "Mautern on the Danube river" but that "Stift Göttweig" caught me off-guard...and i know I always say there are a lot of things i want to do, and im all anxious to do them, and eventually i end up doing nothing...but i really hope to revise my German and Spanish this summer and get them to some decent level...since i also want to pick up some Norwegian...and i know this is a high-stake, but Arabic as well...yeah, someone pinch me on the cheeks please...i really think im overestimating myself...but what can i do...i want to learn them all...
Anyway, ive learned that actually Stift Göttweig is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Austria, and if you take a good look at the card, im sure you'll see it....its right there, on the hill.
My aim to revise my German still stands though...

There are two really nice stamps on the card, both issued in 2007, both belong to the standard issue series and one of them is extremely happy and cheerful...its even called "Congratulations" :)
The other stamp belongs to the set of flowers, representing the Scotch Laburnum.

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Earney said...

Ana you take so long to posted this postcard..I am wondering if you just recived it? Because I have sent it sometime ago when I"m not mistake..but glad that you recived. Thanks Ana love you blog really. I will fly to malaysia this coming Friday 19 will send you flying postcard from there..take care.