Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Basket Weaver, Saudi Arabia

Yup! Its a new new country...a card  coming directly from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! Wow!
Thanks Ganesh :)
Now, regarding numbers of the countries...i have to be honest, that i think i had totally mixed something up lately...Im totally unsure if this is 102 or 103 or...something else....I may have even made a mistake with the 100th as well, but..hmm, well, if it turns out to be so, i hope you wont behead me :)
I think ill manage to squeeze in this update before i rush off to my obligations again...there is so much to do, that its freaking me out and im starting to panic if im gonna manage to do it all or no...keep fingers crossed!

I used to rather dislike cards showing people...i dont know...i think my appreciation for cards was a bit narrow minded and focused on just city views and landscapes...but my overall taste had obviously changed drastically, and ive started to like cards which actually tell me a story, a history, a legend or in general cards which can educate me by showing me something about the place they are coming from.
In this case, you can see a Basket Weaver from the Asir Region in Saudi Arabia.
I dont think that weaving is something very hard to do, but it does require some skills, and more over, patience...if i had enough free time, i would give it a try...its a nice craft and can get very artistic as well, depending on your imagination...which i dont think i have a lack of...i actually think i have more of it than necessary which can be troublesome in many situations...but when it comes to making these baskets i would really love to be able to do all sorts of shapes and play with colours and designs.
When i was little, i had a small, hmm, set  for weaving, and my grandmother taught me how to do it and gave me a bunch of colourful wools...and it wasnt anything spectacular, but it looked nice, and i still keep it somewhere and use it as a table-mat. But of course, that sort of weaving, and the one on the card, cant come even close...

Im getting really intrigued with the Arabic and if i had no other obligations, if i didnt need to go to work and yet have enough income, i would have probably been learning languages 24/7...the reason why Arabic is intriguing for me is the fact that letters of one word are joint, and its read from right to left...i really wonder how much does it take to be able to start distinguishing those words...to me, the flow of letters is just confusing...it would have been very helpful to understand it, coz i would have had a problem with finding info about the stamps...but like this...i just feel lost...so if anyone can help, please do...


imajica said...

first.. go and see my Saudi postcards! I recently put some with people as well :P and ones that I had mailed to myself from there..

and the stamp.. I only managed to read Al-malik Fahad.. which is King Fahad.. I can somehow "read" others.. hmm now I realized that my Arabic is totally dusty. oh wait I asked my dad :p

"Mina'i al-Malik Fahad as-Sina'i-yanbak."

literally translates to something industrial port of King Fahad.. maybe.

and the price is 1 riyal..

Postcardy said...

This is a type of card that I really like. Coincidentally, my Postcard Scavenger Hunt for June will be about "handicrafts." I will be posting it on Friday for Postcard Friendship Friday.

Sheila said...

Like you, I used to be very set in my ideas of what makes a good postcard, but again like you, I've come round to thinking I like almost all types. You have the most amazing range of countries.