Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madrid, Spain

One reason why i really love this card is the illumination against the bricks of the bridge and the building on the hill...along with the dark blue sky, the combination of colours is just lovely.

Puente de Segovia (or the Bridge of Segovia) is the oldest bridge in Madrid.Its nine ancient arches spread across the Manzanares river in a symbolic act of union of the city's past and present. It was commissioned in 1582 by Felipe II. The king selected the architect Juan of Herrera to complete the task.Made of granite, it's very solid and durable. During the Spanish Civil War it was of crucial importance to the two struggling sides, as it's one of the main entrances to the city. In an attempt to prevent the nationalists from taking over the capital, the republicans blew up a part of it.

this card came along with some others in an envelope, so here is the stamp. Its from a 2008  issue dedicated to the Flora and Fauna, called Dahlia and European Bee-eater.
This is the stamp showing the Dahlia which is considered to be the Mexican national flower. The stamp is self-adhesive.

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