Thursday, June 4, 2009

Albufeira, Portugal

I love love love the image on this card....the pink shade just give some special feeling to it, even though pink is far from my favourite colours. But it creates some really nice diminishing light.

Well, Albufeira is a city in the district of Faro, Algarve region. Its name comes from the Arabic 'al-Buħayra", meaning "The Lagoon" and is one of the leading tourist resorts of the region.
Hmmm, the past few days, my attention has been going to 'where am i gonna go on a summer holiday...if anywhere'. Im not some 'beach-craze' kind if person, and i dont really go nuts if i actually spend my whole summer here...but honestly, i really need a break from everything...and would really want to go where its quiet and peaceful, yet, there is a sea or lake....its one of the greatest ways to refresh my whole mind and rest mentally before anything else...i really really need it...and hopefully, ill manage and will be able to go somewhere for at least ten days. Maybe once i get back, everything will seem easier and better :)
Do YOU have any summer holiday plans?

the stamp is self-adhesive and is from a 2008 issue called Public City Transport, 2nd group, presenting the Urban transport in the inter-war years.

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