Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, i think i should speed up with my updates, coz im REALLY left behind...i often think that i will never be able to post all my cards....even if lets say i decide to terminate all my postcards activity today, i would still have enough cards to post in the next 6 months...scary, no?
And here is a perfect card according to my wishlist thanks to Janek!  A map card!! Wohoohoo!! :))
While observing this map, i realized that i actually dont really know where exactly those Estonian cities are situated and that my concept about them is totally different from where they actually are....but thats why i have cards like this to teach me a fun way :) Yeah, its more fun to learn things like this then read  Wikipedia articles...
I love the prevail of the green gives me the idea of Estonia being one huge endless field, with lovely green grass where there are many animals, cows, goats, horses....and the cows give high-quality fresh milk, since there is no pollution and they are healthy and the grass they are eating is fresh and clean...and then that milk is used for production of delicious chocolate, that taste like fantasy...and then there is the surrounding sea from which comes a lovely breeze, and there is constant spring, and the weather is always nice and warm and it simply radiates with happiness....
Well...just a small Utopia :)
hmmm, im still searching for the ideal size of the stamps i need to post here...when i select medium, they seem small...when i select 'large' they may seem even larger than the postcard...but i really want them to be visible enough instead being some miniature picture...i guess i still need to work on that part a bit...

these two stamps come from a mini-sheet issued in 1995, featuring the Finno-Ugric or Uralic people, their culture, languages and writing...the artifacts on these two stamps are: the stamp on the left portrays a duck-foot necklace, while the stamp on the right portrays a Karelian writing on a birchbark.

Janek, thank you, as always :)


ulvikaru said...

What can I say, dear Ana? You wrote just a novel here. :) But now, when you upload also stamps I can say your blog is just a perfect one! It is the BEST!!! :D Keep going and I try to help you with cards from Estonia, as much I can. :)
Take care! :D

Ana said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words Janek, it really means a lot to me!
And even more thanks for the great card that arrived today in my mailbox, with REALLY great stamps! :)

Will mail you soon :)