Tuesday, May 12, 2009


And something splendid from my dear Ana....
I really feel like opening my own postcard-production company...not that we have SO lousy cards...but compared to many out there, most of them are, well, just not so beautiful...i dont know if its coz im just more than used to them, or to seeing all those places, but sometimes i think that the majority of our postcards lack some sort of an artistic and emotional touch...I wish we had a beautiful series of postcards as the one above here...
This card fits perfectly into this collection of Serbian cards (though i think i still have one left unuploaded).
This is the part of Serbia called Vojvodina, or if it makes more sense, the part closest to Hungary...when i went to primary school and when Yugoslavia still existed we learned of these as the Autonomous republics of Vojvodina and Kosovo.
On the card here, in the upper part, you can see Novi Sad seen from the Petrovaradin's Fortress and next to it is the Lake Palic.
On the down line of pictures, you have the Crepaja Village, then Bečej - Dunđerski Castle (one of the rare renovated castles in this part of the world) and the last picture portrays the "Obedska Bara" Nature Reserve.

Well, all i can say is that its a lovely card...Анчи, хвала ти највише! Стварно си супер! :)

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