Monday, May 11, 2009

Railway, Brazil

My first ever railway-related received postcard! And a great one!
I got this card along with a few other Brazilian cards from Karina...when i saw she had train cards, i knew i had to have one...honestly, i more wanted to get it coz of my dad, then me...i love trains, but i know my dad is fascinated by them even more and understands things about them WAAYY to more than i do...i mean, a few times he had asked the engine driver if he could stay in his cabin for a while so that he can observe the ride from there...and he had been allowed! Maybe one day i will have the same chance as well...
My dad also used to watch a German channel called its pretty self-explanatory, it dealt with railways and trains, mainly from Germany, but also trains and rides worldwide were presented...often there were shows where they would follow an entire ride, from beginning to end, filmed at the drivers' was beautiful to see all that....i dont know, maybe i had already told you this, so im just repeating myself now...its just a pity that the channel aint available anymore...well, at least my dad cant follow the broadcast anymore...

And since all the cards came in an envelope, i cant feature individual stamps for each card, so ill just show them all now...and i have to say WOW...a bunch of great Brazilian stamps..the envelope looks just great coz its so lovely and colourful! I really wonder...why did it take me so long to decide to show stamps as well...they are just sooo great!!

Karina, muy obrigado!!


Оксана said...

WOW!!! This railway is just amazing! :D And I can understand your dad very well, but unfortunately I'm just too shy to ask the engine driver if I could stay in the cabin :))
I think I'll have to take a train trip soon... I'm addicted))

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Hello Ana,
I just happened to come across your postcard today because I am about to publish an online carnival called A FESTIVAL OF POSTCARDS and the theme is WHEELS.
If you would like to take part all you have to do is go to:
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On May 25th I will include your link in an index of postcards related to WHEELS.
Happy postcarding,
Evelyn in Montreal

kazinhabueno said...

You're welcome, Ana :)