Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kras, Slovenia

Here is a card that i got as a total surprise from Staša in Slovenia...something totally new in my collection regarding my Slovenian cards and im really happy coz of that.
There is just a small funny thing regarding this card....when i received it, i actually misread Kraš instead of Kras....i know to most of you it will make no difference, but to me it got confusing...when i read Kraš, the first thing that came to my mind was, Oh the chocolate factory!! (ok, the confectionery factory, but chocolate is the first thing that comes to my mind when you mention it). And then I read Slovenia, and then something felt weird coz i couldnt relate Kraš to Slovenia, in my head something kept saying, wasnt Kraš in Croatia??!! But funny enough, i still didnt really grasp the thing...until my mum actually said it was Kras, and that its a place in Slovenia, and that it has nothing to do with the Croatian factory...yeah, embarrasing i know...i guess that my mind just totally blew when i thought of chocolate :))))))
I mean, i doubt that a Kraš postcard actually exists in the first place....but whenever i think about it, all those Kraš products bring back such nice memories...well, they still exist here, and i still love Dorina and the Zivotinjsko Carstvo chocolates (i collect those, in case someone wants to exchange pictures :P) and then Kiki, Bronhi, Petit Beurre and the one and only Bajadera....its just that this last one got too expensive...but its sooo damn delicious...mmmmmmm
Another, totally astray post....


Rango said...

Mislim da bi ti Kraš trebao uplatiti koji dolar za dobru reklamu :) Ili bar poslati koju kutiju Bajadare

Ana said...

pa reci im ti to tamo neku lepu reč o meni....pa delićemo Bajaderu :)