Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Well, as i had already announced, my schedule got a bit tight and all...but im glad it did so...even though i complain when i got too much work to do, it does make me feel good and fulfilled....well, ok, i admit, i wasnt really in the mood during the weekend to put two sentences together, but i feel ok now *knock on wood* and i think i can squeeze in a few cards before i rush to work again....if this weather wasnt so cold and rainy only...the other day i was sitting in my garden, having coffee, writing letters, and it felt really nice...the other day i wanted to do the same....but there was a cold wind which just kicked me back inside....otherwise there would have been colourful papers flying all over the neighbourhood....

here is my second and last card from the Netherlands Antilles (*hint hint* :))
This one is showing a Flamingo in Pekelmeer....Pekelmeer...Pekelmeer....I had no idea what Pekelmeer represented but i thought it would be good to goodle for it...they call it the Flamingo Sanctuary! :)

The salt flats of Pekelmeer spread out in front of a visitor in great squares of brilliant color, ranging from the turquoise of newly-flooded areas and the livid pink of pools filled with brine shrimp to the blinding white of dried salt. Off to the side lie enormous mounds of dried and drying salt, and in the distance stand great flocks of flamingoes, happily supping on the shrimp. Pekelmeer's deserted vistas are frequently more populated by birds -- including osprey, heron, frigate birds, cormorants, and other marine birds -- than by humans, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching.

I think Flamingos are really nice birds...though i think i havent actually seen one for real so far...at work, in one of the books, there is a lesson which has a Flamingo included, and the main point of the lesson is for children to use words like: pink, feathers, wings, bird....i think that the Flamingo is one of the animals they mostly prefered to describe....


Sheila said...

I love flamingos too. I was lucky enough to see some when I was on holiday in Mexico - it looked as though the sea had gone pink. An amazing sight.

Chris Overstreet said...

Why are flamingos pink, anyway? In Florida, it seemed like the alligators could spot them pretty easily.

The Tropical Blogger said...

Flamingos are pink due to the food they eat. It has carotene. It causes the flamingo to get pink. I have also seen white flamingos.

Also, when flamingos are babies they are grey and white. It's when they start eating the flamingo diet that they turn pink.

And, I did get the hint, Ana. :P

Will remember to send you a card soon. You and Chris both.

Ana said...

that was a lousy, way too obvious hint :) I should practice on things like this :)

but thanks a lot indeed ;-))))

Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!