Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Youghal, Ireland

A nice blueish Irish card....and as a coincidence, today is St. Patrick's Day as well....and i know you wont believe me, but i totally unconsciously chose to post this card today...i knew it was St. Patrick's and all...but when i was going thru cards and picked this Irish one, not at once the St.Patrick crossed my mind...it did, just now as i opened this post...hmmm, i dont know if i should freak out or just pay no attention to it :)

Youghal is one of the foremost seaside resorts of County Cork and is finely situated at the mouth of the Blackwater river, with a fine strand and every holiday amenity. It was occupied by the Danes, then the Normans, receiving its first charter from King John. The town was fortified with walls and towers, most of which still remain. Sir Walter Raleigh ws once Mayor of the town and his house Myrtle Grove can still be seen.
the sender of the card also included some facts, which i find worth noting down.
He says that his hometown is a very historical place and that it was surrounded by walls to keep them safe, and the only entrance was the clockgate (top centre picture). They also have 3 miles of beach which is beautiful. And he says that the Moby Dick film was also made there in 1956...

a really nice and full of stories card....hope you liked it as well...and the other cards too :) 

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