Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

The lazy postcard blogger is here...ta-da-aam! And yeah...she has been very lazy lately, thats obvious.
Im sorry for that, but ive just been feeling really tired lately, and thats all probably due to the fact that ive had a really rough week in general, i really hope that once its over, the new one would be better...there is always sunshine after the rain they say, so they better be right about it...and unlike last weekend, we are having a real spring sunshine here...its nice and warm, and ive tried to spend some nice time outside...and apart from the wind which caused me a headache eventually, it was nice for a change to have some sun...

And it wasnt a bad mail week either! Not my best probably, but definitely it has improved from the times i had been complaining about it :) Hopefully my next one will be a nice one as well....

I got this card on the great-mail-Friday-day when we had a snow storm here. It was a total, but more than a nice surprise...along with two other great cards in the envelope.
 Well, i chose this one, since i desperately need a variety here, and its been a really long long time since i have had Liechtenstein card, so this is a real breath of fresh air :)
I just wonder one thing, and if some of you out there have Liechtenstein cards as ALL of them have the Vaduz castle, or are there exceptions?? I have 3 different Liechtenstein cards so far, including this one, and Vaduz is on absolutely all of them...i mean, i know its important since his majesty lives there and all, but this is getting a bit vain! Im sure Liecthenstein has MANY other things to show and to be proud of than the Vaduz castle.
yeah, im in the mood to complain :P

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Lisan said...

Wow an original country! I don't have any card of Liechtenstein but I think that the Vaduz Castle is the most important thing there and that they do not have as many cards as other bigger countries.