Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cheese Market, Holland

I got this card in the Netherlands to the rest of the world tag, and i must say i really really love it! Im a bit tricky on what i like and what i dont when it comes to cards that arent regular touristic cards, but this one is just great...and soo different from the rest of my Dutch cards...

If you wondered why i named this one as "Holland" and not "the Netherland", i think that a look on the card itself will clear it all up....and im not gonna go against something which is already clearly stated, regardless to what it refers to....argghh, this Holland/Netherlands thing is gonna drive me nuts one day :)
When i first looked at the card, i thought the kids were carrying grapefruits or citruses, or any of the kind...when i read on the back, turns out it was cheese...really embarassing from my side, but if you take a good look at those big yellow 'balls', they do look like as some of those fruits.
Well, what can i say...i love cheese! Esp the one which isnt very salty and feels smooth....i could eat that in large amounts!
And i really like the spontaneity of the card...more precisely, the second pair of children..the way that the second one takes a glimpse behind her...the way that the first one has made a facial expression, murmuring something...it all makes a great card, when you know that someone didnt set this children in order to get a shot for a card, but that it was just a spontaneous moment while they were walking...it really really turned out in a great image!
thanks Amber for this one! I totally totally love it!!

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