Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tim Tam

Chocolate Biscuits....mmmm...these should taste good....ive never tried them, but they seem promising...and i love the quote :)

And again here we have something related to food...i guess this just all reflects my recent 'im always hungry' mood. I really dont know why i fall into such a trap sometimes....not that im REALLY hungry....i just think of food 24/7 and it always feels delicious and i just have a crave to eat this or that and it gets me really anxious....and even though i PROMISED myself i wont be eating at night or after 8pm, i end up doing it....and no wonder i feel like the wolf from the Wolf and the Seven stomach feels as if its full of stones and i just feel like a real slow-motion...i definitely need to get my bike fixed so even if i get stuck in such a period, at least i can ease it all....hopefully it wont be raining or snowing.....I wonder whats for lunch today...

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