Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Netherlands

Now that i had this card ready to post, i realized i hadnt actually thanked Ksenia for sending it to me...duh :(
I always end up with a few people to whom i dont inform upon receiving something from them, or thinking that i had messaged them but eventually turns out i hadnt....well, i know after New Year, the first three weeks i was uber busy....then my pc crashed...then i got ill...and eventually some cards slipped really sorry Ksenia for this...i know you had probably thought it had got lost or something...but its actually here, and i LOVE it...Thank you so so so so much for thinking of me and for sending me lighthouses when you know how much i love them...and im sorry again for the inconvenience...just please, dont pay me back :)
I promised myself to get better on that issue :)

Well, one thing i definitely learned is that "Vuurtoren" means 'lighthouse' in, are represented the Breskens Lighthouse, the Westkapelle Lighthouse(s), the Burgh Haamstede Lighthouse, and the Ouddorp Lighthouse...and on the left side of the card you are given the map of where they are actually located...
I only found information about the Breskens one...

Latitude:   51° 24" 44'
Longitude:   3° 31" 16'
Format:     DD DMS
Body of water: North Sea
Height Above Water:  85 feet
Light Characteristics: Occulting (7-second light, 3-second eclipse) sector light, visible for 14 (white), 11 (red) and 10 (green) nautical miles
Address: Westerschelde, Zeeland Province, Breskens,Netherlands

of course, shall i repeat myself...if anyone can provide more information, you are welcome to do so :)

hope you are having a nice weekend...its nice and sunny here...

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