Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sort of an explanation...

I dont know why each time i say how 'these days i have more free time and more time to update things' it ends up being totally different. This time due to work...ive been cramped with it ever since 2nd January even though i was supposed to actually have a break till 21st...well, not having any kind of obligations till 21st is not also desirable, but being shot with deadlines and going to sleep at 8am each day is certainly not on the list of good things to do from now on, i will keep my mouth shut instead of getting excited that i have the time for updates and eventually turns out totally otherwise
During this time i also received a plentiful of cards, BEAUTIFUL cards...some of the cards i thought got lost, had also arrived (2 months to Jamaica and Portugal is my newest record) and i also enriched my collection with new countries....but step by step....I just want to thank you all for your patience during this past week :)

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